Indian-American actress Avantika Vandanapu, best known for her role in ‘Mean Girls’, received the prestigious “South Asian Person of the Year” award from Harvard University. She expressed gratitude for the recognition, stating that her journey has only just begun.

Vandanapu was honored for her remarkable accomplishments and significant influence in both international and Indian entertainment industries.

Receiving the award from Harvard University was a deeply humbling and motivating experience for Vandanapu. She emphasized the importance of narratives transcending borders and the crucial role of Indian representation in global media.

Having played a key role in the new adaptation of ‘Mean Girls’ and making her debut in the Indian OTT series ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’, Vandanapu has left her mark in Hollywood and beyond. She appreciates the unwavering support and affection from audiences worldwide.

Vandanapu sees this recognition as fuel for her determination to delve into stories that challenge stereotypes, embrace diversity, and foster meaningful connections. She looks forward to continuing her journey of positive contribution through her work.

Expressing her eagerness for the future, Vandanapu aims to pave the way for more Indian voices to resonate and thrive on the global platform.