In a heartfelt gesture of solidarity, India has dispatched a crucial consignment of approximately 90 tonnes of nine distinct Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to the shores of Cuba. Departing from Mundra port on June 2, 2024, these APIs are indispensable for crafting essential antibiotics vital in combating chronic communicable diseases.

Destined for deployment by Cuban drug manufacturers, these APIs serve as the lifeblood for the production of antibiotics in diverse forms such as tablets, capsules, syrups, and injections. This humanitarian initiative underscores India’s commitment to global health and its resolve to lend a hand to nations in distress.

Renowned as the “Pharmacy of the World,” India’s stature as a principal purveyor of pharmaceuticals resonates worldwide. This recent dispatch to Cuba reinforces India’s standing, showcasing its prowess in furnishing top-notch pharmaceuticals to the global populace.

The bond between India and Cuba transcends time, grounded in mutual esteem and collaborative ventures spanning healthcare, education, and technology. This act of benevolence not only signifies the provision of essential medication but also symbolizes India’s unwavering dedication to global health and solidarity in times of adversity.

Beyond the shipment’s sheer volume, the delivery of 90 tonnes of APIs to Cuba stands as a poignant testament to India’s role as a beacon of global healthcare and its enduring camaraderie with the Cuban nation.