Indian youth returns lost watch to tourist in Dubai

In a heartwarming display of honesty, a young Indian boy in Dubai, Muhammad Ayan Younis, has been recognized by the Dubai Police for his noble deed. The incident unfolded when Muhammad, accompanied by his father, stumbled upon a lost watch in a bustling tourist area. Without hesitation, the young boy swiftly turned over the found item to the authorities, demonstrating a commendable sense of responsibility.

Under the guidance of Brigadier Harib Al Shamsi, Acting Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation, the Dubai Tourist Police Department wasted no time in acknowledging Muhammad’s act of integrity. Upon verification, it was confirmed that the watch belonged to a tourist who had previously reported it missing before departing for home. Through diligent efforts, the Dubai Police successfully reunited the timepiece with its rightful owner, who expressed gratitude for the city’s robust security measures and the honesty displayed by its residents.

In a ceremony attended by senior officials including Brigadier Khalfan Obeid Al Jallaf, Director of the Tourist Police Department, Muhammad was lauded for his exemplary conduct. Joined by his deputy, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Abdul Rahman, and Captain Shahab Al Saadi, Head of the Tourist Happiness Section, Brigadier Al Jallaf presented the young boy with a well-deserved award, symbolizing the community’s appreciation for his virtuous act.

Speaking on the occasion, Brigadier Al Jallaf emphasized how Muhammad’s actions epitomize the ethical standards and safety protocols upheld within the UAE, especially within its vital tourism sector. He urged members of the community to draw inspiration from Muhammad’s honesty and encouraged them to utilize services like the Smart Police Stations (SPS) for the seamless return of lost items to their owners, further fostering a culture of integrity and responsibility.