Planview, a leading enterprise SaaS company headquartered in Austin, Texas, plans to invest $125 million in its Indian operations over the next four years, according to Shalini Sankarshana, the company’s India managing director. This investment aims to leverage India’s potential as a significant business and talent market.

Having entered the Indian market in 2023, Planview has quickly established itself, with India emerging as one of its fastest-growing regions. The company specializes in developing work management and portfolio management products and platforms.

Plainview’s Indian operations are centered in Bangalore, home to its largest Global Capability Centre (GCC). This center covers every function, product, geography, and sector for the company. While the BFSI sector is the primary focus in India, Planview also sees substantial opportunities in the automotive and pharmaceutical sectors.

The company is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to support growth and enhance offerings. The Planview co-pilot, an AI-driven solution, helps users make data-driven decisions and optimize productivity. Planview serves over 4,000 large customers, including 59 out of the Fortune 100 companies, and impacts about 30% of the global digital transformation business.

Despite its rapid growth, Planview faces challenges in the Indian market, particularly regarding costs and demonstrating value. To support expansion, the company is investing in local talent and workforce development, seeking to hire data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning professionals in Bangalore.

Source: Financial Express