Quick-commerce juggernaut Zepto has recently introduced a game-changing initiative christened Zepto Pass, extending its benefits to all users. Zepto Pass is set to redefine the grocery shopping experience by granting unlimited free deliveries alongside enticing discounts of up to 20% on a wide array of grocery essentials.

With an introductory price ranging from Rs 19 to Rs 39 for the majority of users, Zepto Pass endeavors to elevate customer satisfaction through enhanced discounts and perks. Strategically priced at a remarkably affordable rate, Zepto Pass is engineered to spur rapid adoption among its expansive user base.

During its pilot phase, Zepto witnessed a swift uptake of the program, with a notable surge in orders originating from Zepto Pass subscribers. This aggressive pricing strategy not only targets the acquisition of new users but also aims to boost the average order value and bolster monthly retention rates among existing clientele. In addition to the privilege of unlimited free deliveries, Zepto Pass members are entitled to further discounts on orders surpassing specific thresholds, typically ranging from Rs 299 to Rs 599 for most users.

Moreover, the membership extends its benevolent embrace to Zepto Cafe, the platform’s snacks and beverage segment, ensuring comprehensive coverage of diverse customer needs. This personalized approach, finely tuned to user behavior metrics, underscores Zepto’s ambition to cement its status as the ultimate destination for grocery shopping.