Rohan Pradyumna Podcast

Rohan Pradyumna – Entrepreneurship, Travel with AI, Indian Itihaasa

Transforming Travel with AI: Rohan Pradyumna’s Journey

This episode of the Indian Community Podcast features Rohan Pradyumna, the creator of Travana, an innovative AI-powered travel planning platform.

Amit Gupta discusses with Rohan his journey from completing his master’s at the University of Maryland to becoming a job creator rather than a job seeker, his passion for storytelling, and his volunteer work.

They delve into the challenges and opportunities of starting a technology-driven venture in the travel industry, the impact of current global job markets, the importance of AI in present and future entrepreneurship, and Rohan’s personal connection to Indian itihasas (epics).

Furthermore, Rohan shares his experience and future plans with Travana, aiming to simplify and enhance travel planning through artificial intelligence.