The charm of homemade meals, especially those crafted by our mothers and grandmothers, holds a special place in our hearts. It’s the love and care they infuse into each dish that makes them truly unforgettable. The warmth and happiness derived from enjoying a meal prepared by our dear ones are unparalleled. In a captivating Instagram video making the rounds, we witness the enchantment of traditional cooking methods wielded by a grandmother.

The video showcases an elderly grandmother skillfully preparing barbeque fry drumsticks. She ingeniously constructs a makeshift pit with bricks in her backyard and ignites a fire within. Placing a bunch of drumsticks over the flames, she patiently chars them to a mouthwatering perfection.

Upon completion, she meticulously cleanses them with water, removing seeds and fibres from each with a spoon, setting them aside. Subsequently, she heats a pot over the fire, adding mustard oil, mustard seeds, urad dal, garlic, green chillies, chopped tomatoes, onions, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, and salt, along with the prepared drumstick components initially set aside. After allowing the mixture to simmer and stirring it continuously, a delectable batch of barbeque drumsticks emerges, ready to be savored.

This heartwarming video has captured the attention of the internet, swiftly going viral with over 60 million views, and earning widespread admiration for the grandmother.

One user remarked, “Not only a delicious meal but also nutritionally beneficial. Look at her.”

Another chimed in, “This amazing lady is my hero. I wish I could stand by her side, assisting her, learning from her timeless experiences. These are the resilient women that our nation should cherish and honor. Hats off to her.”

“An admirable aspect of her method was excluding the burnt side of the drumstick. Grandmothers are well-versed in matters of health and hygiene,” noted another commenter, while someone quipped, “Old is indeed gold.”

Another user suggested, “While this is one method, akin to barbecuing, discarding the outer burnt layer and solely focusing on the tender inside is quite wasteful… many traditional South Indian families simply rinse the drumsticks, perhaps lightly scraping them with a peeler or knife, before adding the cut pieces to curry or sambar.