Indian American Impact, a prominent advocacy group dedicated to advancing Indian and South Asian American representation in politics, has thrown its support behind 35 candidates for the upcoming 2024 election.

Among the endorsed candidates are Pramila Jayapal, the trailblazing first South Asian woman elected to the US Congress, seeking re-election to the US House of Representatives from Washington (WA-07), and Ravi Bhalla, Mayor of Hoboken, vying for a primary candidacy for the US House from New Jersey (NJ-08). Bhalla’s election would mark a historic moment as the first South Asian elected to Congress from New Jersey.

Jayapal, aiming for her fifth term in Congress, has played a pivotal role as chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, driving key legislative wins such as the American Rescue Plan and the Inflation Reduction Act, which notably prioritizes climate change action.

She has also spearheaded legislation addressing critical issues within the South Asian diaspora, like the South Asian Heart Health Awareness and Research Act of 2023.

Bhalla, the son of Indian immigrants, brings a strong commitment to justice, opportunity, and his Sikh faith. As a civil rights attorney, he’s nationally recognized for his work on prison visitation policies and has a track record of combating corruption and fostering progress during his tenure as Mayor of Hoboken.

Indian American Impact has endorsed an additional 11 candidates across various states, reflecting the increasing influence of South Asian Americans in American politics. These candidates, spanning from local city councils to state government positions, share a dedication to advancing priorities such as public education and healthcare accessibility.

The endorsed candidates include:


– Dr. Ravi Shah (incumbent) – Tucson Unified School District Governing Board


– Ashwin Ramaswami – State Senate District 48

New York:

– Zohran Mamdani (incumbent) – State Assembly District 36

– Jeremy Cooney (incumbent) – State Senate District 56


– Pavan Parikh (incumbent) – Hamilton County Clerk of Courts


– Nikil Saval (incumbent) – State Senate District 1


– Sumbel Zeb – Collin Central Appraisal District Board of Directors

– Taral Patel – Fort Bend County Commissioner Precinct 3

– Nabil Shike (incumbent) – Fort Bend County Constable Precinct 3

– Ashika Ganguly – Austin City Council District 10

– Suleman Lalani (incumbent) – State House District 76

Indian American Impact’s National Political Director, Taher Hasanali, expressed pride in the rising number of South Asian Americans taking on leadership roles, underscoring their commitment to serving their communities and shaping a better future for all Americans.