Masaba Gupta’s culinary escapades never fail to captivate her audience. Whether she’s savoring a mouthwatering breakfast or professing her affection for potatoes or chillas, the fashion designer and actress consistently documents her gastronomic adventures on her Instagram Stories.

In a recent post, Masaba shared a snapshot of her morning meal. Can you guess what graced her plate? It wasn’t anything extravagant, just simple toasted bread. The image showcased a plate adorned with four impeccably toasted slices. Alongside the photo, Masaba playfully quipped, “Maybe I am an Animal,” suggesting it was one of those days when simplicity ruled the breakfast table.

Although Masaba Gupta doesn’t opt for such understated breakfasts every day, she’s quite discerning when it comes to her morning culinary delights. A few weeks ago, she tantalized her followers with a snapshot that set taste buds tingling. Indulging in two half-fried eggs accompanied by potato wedges seasoned with oregano and chili flakes, Masaba sprinkled her breakfast with masala for that extra kick. Captioning the image with “Aloo is life,” she echoed sentiments shared by many.

Prior to that, Masaba ventured into the realm of frittatas for breakfast. What’s a frittata, you ask? It’s an Italian dish crafted from beaten eggs blended with an array of ingredients like vegetables, meats, cheeses, and herbs. Slow-cooked in a skillet until golden brown, then finished under a broiler, Masaba shared her plate of perfection on Instagram Stories with the caption, “A perfect frittata breakfast.”

Now, if you’re wondering about Masaba Gupta’s ultimate breakfast favorite, the answer is simple – it’s chilla. Not long ago, Masaba relished moong dal chilla enriched with greens. Accompanying this savory delight were two boiled eggs, halved and seasoned with a sprinkle of chaat masala.