FlexifyME, a burgeoning startup hailing from Pune, spearheads an innovative approach to chronic pain management. Fusing the realms of physiotherapy, yoga, and artificial intelligence (AI), their platform pioneers tailored treatment plans tailored to each individual’s needs. Employing AI-driven self-assessment mechanisms, FlexifyME meticulously analyzes users’ conditions through camera vision technology.

This heralds the onset of a personalized journey towards pain alleviation, orchestrated by a harmonious collaboration between yoga therapists, physiotherapists, and AI-driven self-practice guides. With a resolute commitment to democratizing chronic pain management, FlexifyME transcends geographical barriers, rendering its services accessible across the globe and in multiple local languages.

In its inaugural year, FlexifyME witnessed an impressive uptake, with over 50,000 patrons, including 2,000 subscribers spanning 26 countries. This fervent reception underscores the palpable demand for innovative solutions within the chronic pain management sector. Conceived by the Pune-based duo, Amit and Manjeet, FlexifyME stands as a vanguard in the chronic pain management arena. Their collaborative expertise converges to tackle the pervasive issue of chronic pain through an amalgamation of physiotherapy, yoga, and AI.

The global scourge of chronic pain, afflicting over 1.7 billion individuals worldwide, eclipses the population of India itself. Conditions such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis, and spondylitis pose formidable health challenges, often precipitating a diminished quality of life and reliance on temporary palliatives like painkillers. FlexifyME’s innovative approach seeks to redress this paradigm, fostering enduring pain relief sans invasive procedures or pharmaceutical dependency.

The platform’s modus operandi commences with a comprehensive self-assessment, facilitated by cutting-edge AI and camera vision technology. This foundational step enables a nuanced appraisal of users’ pain points and mobility constraints. Drawing from the assessment, FlexifyME crafts bespoke treatment plans integrating yoga, physiotherapy, and AI-driven self-practice exercises. These plans are meticulously tailored to address each individual’s unique needs and pain profile.

Central to FlexifyME’s ethos is the provision of in-home treatment sessions, transcending geographical barriers and linguistic divides. By delivering personalized treatment plans in users’ local languages, the platform ensures unparalleled accessibility and convenience. Leveraging AI technology, FlexifyME perpetually monitors users’ progress, fine-tuning treatment plans as necessary to optimize outcomes.

With a subscription model designed to cater to diverse budgets, FlexifyME’s offerings range from Rs 6,000 to Rs 16,000 for a six-month period. This subscription encompasses 25 live sessions with a physiotherapist, supplemented by a bespoke plan delineating recommended yoga, physiotherapy, and self-practice exercises. The pricing architecture mirrors the platform’s commitment to providing comprehensive chronic pain management services, reflective of its personalized and technologically advanced approach.

In a compelling bid for investment, Amit and Manjeet initially sought Rs 1 crore for a 2% equity stake, valuing the startup at an impressive Rs 50 crore. Following negotiations, a deal was struck with investor Namita, securing a Rs 50 lakh investment for a 1.32% equity share, alongside a Rs 50 lakh loan at a 10% interest rate over two years. This arrangement effectively values the company at Rs 37.88 crore, cementing its trajectory in the chronic pain management sphere.