NASA announced today that Expedition 71, comprising seven crew members including Sunita Williams, is actively preparing for two upcoming spacewalks scheduled for June 24 and July 2. Williams, renowned for her achievements as an astronaut, began her day by conducting various tasks aboard the International Space Station (ISS). These included transferring wastewater between modules, replacing a video camera in the Columbus laboratory, and watering the Advanced Plant Habitat in the Kibo lab.

The first spacewalk aims to remove faulty radio hardware and conduct microbial sampling, while the second will involve more intricate tasks such as replacing a gyroscope assembly and relocating an antenna. Additionally, preparations will be made on the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer for future upgrades. Commander Butch Wilmore, alongside Williams, contributed to ongoing research in areas like liquid flows and respiratory studies within the Harmony module.

Sunita Williams, with her extensive experience including 322 days in space and a record for the most spacewalk hours by a woman, continues to exemplify leadership in space exploration.

Source: Times of India