Bengaluru-based Tohands has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation: the world’s inaugural smart calculator, meticulously crafted to simplify the daunting task of sales and expense tracking for shopkeepers. Their ingenious design integrates two novel buttons, Cash In and Cash Out, seamlessly into the device.

This cutting-edge smart calculator seamlessly syncs data with the Tohands app, empowering shopkeepers to effortlessly manage inventory and transactions without the burden of costly billing machines or the complexity of smartphone-based record-keeping. With a vision to redefine how small retailers manage their finances, Tohands aims to democratize financial management, making it both accessible and efficient.

The startup, with aspirations to deploy its smart calculators globally, addresses a pressing need for millions of shopkeepers by offering a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to streamline their sales, expenses, and inventory management. Tohands’ founders, Praveen Mishra, Shanmugam Vadivel S, and Satyam Sahu, bring diverse expertise from varied backgrounds, each contributing a unique blend of skills and experiences to their venture.

Praveen, originally from Uttar Pradesh, embarked on his entrepreneurial journey after leaving college in Mumbai, initiating projects like “Bye Bye Seller” to bolster shopkeepers’ online presence. It was during this endeavor that the concept of the smart calculator took shape, inspired by the challenges observed in transaction recording. Shanmugam, hailing from Tamil Nadu, brings a wealth of hardware and engineering knowledge, honed at Kongu Engineering College in Erode, vital for developing the physical components and functionality of the smart calculator.

Satyam, a product of Kanpur, complements the team with his technical prowess, gained through engineering studies in Banda. His expertise in engineering principles significantly contributes to product development and innovation at Tohands. Together, their symbiotic blend of entrepreneurship, hardware engineering, and software development has culminated in a revolutionary product addressing a significant market gap for small and medium-sized retailers.

Tohands proudly presents the world’s pioneering smart calculator, tailored explicitly for shopkeepers, featuring the innovative Cash In and Cash Out buttons for seamless transaction recording. Synced with the Tohands app, this intuitive device facilitates comprehensive inventory management and transaction tracking, obviating the need for cumbersome manual record-keeping or expensive billing equipment.

The latest iteration, Tohands smart calculator version 4, boasts enhanced features, including a vivid color LCD screen for enhanced usability, GPRS module connectivity for app syncing, a swifter microprocessor, dynamic QR code creation for streamlined payments, versatile connectivity options like Type C and Bluetooth for receipt printing, and audio confirmation for transaction verification.

The founders believe that these enhancements will simplify transaction management, inventory monitoring, and payment processing, making the calculator an indispensable tool for retailers. Evolutionary progress has led Tohands’ smart calculator to Version 4, poised to hit the market at Rs 5,000. Additionally, a subscription model offers comprehensive transaction history access, starting at Rs 59, catering to users’ long-term data needs.

In a recent pitch on Shark Tank India Season 3, Tohands sought Rs 55 lakh for 1% equity, valuing the company at Rs 55 crore. The pitch ignited a fierce bidding war, with Anupam Mittal offering Rs 55 lakh for 1.5% equity, valuing Tohands at Rs 36.67 crore. Ultimately, Radhika and Varun clinched the deal with a compelling offer of Rs 60 lakh for 2% equity, valuing Tohands at Rs 30 crore.

With a fresh infusion of Rs 60 lakh, Tohands is poised to bolster product development, particularly focusing on the launch of Version 4 of their smart calculator, promising an array of features tailored for shopkeepers. The startup also aims to expand its market footprint, targeting not only tier-one cities but also penetrating deeper into tier-two and tier-three markets, democratizing access to advanced transactional technology for shopkeepers nationwide.