Soundarya Podcast

The Unshackled Interview with Soundarya Balasubramani

This episode of the Indian Community Podcast features Soundarya, the founder and CEO of Unshackled, sharing her inspiring journey from India to the US and how she transitioned from a corporate job at Salesforce to fulfilling her passion in publishing and community building. Soundarya speaks about her struggles and triumphs in navigating the complex US visa system, her role as an author, community leader, LinkedIn top voice, and angel investor.

The hosts, Amit Gupta and Rahul Mehra, dive deep into Soundarya’s story, including her unique background, her approach to overcoming career changes, and her efforts in assisting immigrants to reach their full potential. Additionally, Soundarya discusses her upcoming university tour aimed at empowering students with knowledge on navigating immigration issues, her personal rituals, and the message of taking risks and exploring multiple career paths. The conversation also highlights the importance of mentorship and the powerful impact of connecting with influential figures like Rajesh Setty.