Vinod Chendhil Podcast

Healthy Indian Noodles and Pasta: The Vinod Chendhil Story

Transforming Indian Noodles: The Naturally Yours Story

In this 15th episode of the Indian Community Podcast, hosts Amit Gupta and Rahul Mehra welcome Vinod Chendhil, co-founder of Naturally Yours. Vinod shares the journey of how he and his wife Priya started Naturally Yours to provide a healthy alternative to traditional noodles and pasta, focusing on whole grains and eliminating preservatives and chemicals.

The discussion covers the inspiration behind the brand, challenges in product development, customer feedback-driven innovations, and plans for future expansion. Vinod also highlights the importance of listening to customers, the strategic approach to growth, and shares personal anecdotes about working with his wife as a business partner. Moreover, the episode explores the potential for international expansion and addresses rapid-fire questions on Vinod’s food preferences and dream customer moments.